Our Promise to You

Your business stays your business. We will not use any images or information from your organization without your knowledge and permission. We believe that by sharing our experiences we all grow. We also believe that decision is yours to make.

Basic dignity is a right that we support for ourselves and our clients. We may not all agree all the time, we may disagree with respect and dignity.

Fair Value:
We charge fairly for work done. We will walk away from an engagement that is not cost effective for us to perform. We are not right for all clients, and they are not all right for us.

Fiscal Intelligence:
Our clients come to us with a range of ability and interests. Some bring the shoe box and say, “fix me”, others want us to work with existing staff and make them better financial stewards. In all cases our job is to leave the client, not only with better records and systems, but with a better working knowledge of how to use their financial statements in planning and business development.

In for-profit accounting, the matching principle, matching revenues to expenses in the same fiscal period, is paramount. At Accede, matching means that we bring the right person to the job and search out other resources if need be to get the client their best accounting solution.